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If you are thinking of hiring from us, we want to reassure you that our rides are safe and  that our operators know what they are doing. Each year every one of our rides is thoroughly  examined by a firm of independent engineers,  appointed by the Showmen's Guild of Great Britain. The inspection can involve non - destructive testing  of some components. All rides pass all the relevant specification laid  down by the Health & Safety Executive. All our Staff are trained. We have full Public Liability Insurance of £10  million, covering all aspects of the fair or event. Copies of all certificates and insurances can be  seen on request. You can choose our rides, confident that they all reach the highest standards of safety  and performance.  Please contact us  for more info.
All Rides and Many More Are For Hire.
David Cox Amusements
David Cox Dodgems ride

             Mobile: 07801223812 

         Email: dwfcox@btinternet.com


© David Cox Amusements

The   Cost & Organization

Successful pricing policy is not easy it requires an intelligent

and subtle reaction to a market which has been thoroughly



We have to offer varying rates depending on your

personal needs we can you


tailor to suit your pocket.

To follow are options to give an idea.


 further options can be designed to suit

your needs.

It’s possible to pay a fixed rate for the daily hire of the ride/s

or game/s

of your choice, possibilities are limitless.

 We will install and run any piece of equipment on a

percentage   basis.

 We will pay you a fixed rate, agreed with both parties, prior

to the event.

 All   For Your Convenience

We are open to any idea you may have.

Light and sound We’ve got it!

Our   own remote silent generators make it possible to power

in the most prominent or desolate of venues.


all of the generators are encased for lower noise levels, music

is kept to a minimum, so as not to cause nuisance.

You   Tell Us Your Needs

You   Tell Us Your Dates

You   Tell Us Your Time And Venue

You   Show Us Your Space

And   Leave The Rest To The Professionals.

For   a complete organizational booking, hospitality and

security service call

      David Cox and Son amusements

Hire Info